Punto Iguazú Shopping

Punto Iguazú Shopping



Puerto Iguazú, Misiones.

Punto Iguazu Shopping, located just meters from the roundabout to the city of Puerto Iguazu, opened its doors in 2012. A most innovative project, designed specifically for the magical jungle setting and falls seeking tourist coming to Iguazu . A commercial opencast walk, in which the architecture is as important as the setting.

Punto Iguazu links two audiences: the people of Puerto Iguazu and tourists. For the more than 45,000 inhabitants, it is a meeting place and recreation, services for everyday life. Meanwhile, more than a million tourists each year choose the Falls; them joins the more than one million people entering Puerto Iguazu. Punto Iguazu is a shopping promenade created for the style of tourism in the area: short stays, contact with nature, desire to fully enjoy an amazing geography. The infrastructure of the complex has a shop.

GLA was in charge of operating and management pre launch and launch the mall.